Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sezio/WLC Show

Here are some pics that I poached from the good folks at We Love Creativity until I post some of my own. The set-up was rad and Sezio did another tasty set-up as usual. I'm new to the charity gig so I definitely didn't get valet for the Tacoma in order to let the finer vehicles get taken care of. I did, however, eat more food than the average 3 attendees.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fruit of Something

So I'm adding some pieces into an upcoming show with a lot of artists that I really like. Plus, somehow the event involves food so it pretty much has everthing i enjoy involved in it except for 80's action movies, free burritos and my cat. Should be a good time. Here's a little preview of some of the pieces I'm working on.vIf you're puzzled by the resentment theme in them, don't be. I just somehow think it's funny if a pink blob has a sense of entitlement...I'm probably the only one who thinks this is somehow clever so let me believe it is. And yes...those bottom ones are motivational fridge magnets. You're welcome.